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How to earn Fap-Coins

How to earn FapCoins

To Participate and start accumulating Fap-Coins what you need to do is register to with a valid email address. after that what you have to do is start watching videos and commenting, you can also earn fapcoins even just by daily login , moreover there are badges to collect and each of these corresponds to other Fapcoins and that’s all the withdraw start fom 5€
(at the moment there aren’t many badge, We admit it but we are working on it)

Where earn Fapcoins

FapCoin What is?

FapCoin What is it?

We created this “coin/token” as a way to make users a part of what the site earns, as we believe it should be.

We only ask you for time and it will be rewarded, not much different than watching ads on youtube. we promise I will upload good content so as not to bore you, at this moment the “FapCoin project” is in the beta phase, some users have already been paid but there are still many aspects to improve, so I ask you for your opinions and feedback. Welcome To FapFlamingo NETWORK